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Journal:   DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY (JOURNAL OF IRANIAN PSYCHOLOGISTS)   spring 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 55 ; Page(s) 285 To 304.

Visual Capacity versus Cognitive Process: Reducing Spelling Errors of Homophone Letters

* Kharazmi University
the aim of this study was to compare task-process method with working memory method in reducing spelling errors of homophone letters caused by poor visual memory. Thirty male students in third grade of elementary school were trained 10 sessions of task-process method and working memory method. The participants were selected from four elementary schools according to the teachers’ opinions, considering the previous dictations, and the administration of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale-IV. The participants randomly assigned into two experimental groups and control group. In order to assess the effect of training on visual memory, visual memory tests (Kim Karad & Bento, 1945) were used during training sessions. To study the changes, dictation test and memory tests were administered at the end of the fourth session. At the end, the final test and visual memory tests were administered. After twenty days, follow-up tests were administered. The results of repeated measures ANOVA indicated that the instructional methods of task-process and working memory improved visual memory and reduced spelling errors. The working memory method was more effective than the task-process method. The findings suggest that these two methods can be used in addition to other remedial methods.
Keyword(s): disability of writing dictation,spelling error,task-process instruction,visual memory,working memory instruction
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