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Journal:   DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY (JOURNAL OF IRANIAN PSYCHOLOGISTS)   winter 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 54 ; Page(s) 147 To 153.

Factor Structure and Internal Consistency of a Moral Identity Scale

* Payame Noor University
the aim of this study was to test the factor structure and internal consistency of the 10-item moral identity of (Aquino & Reed, 2002) based on moral traits of an Iranian sample of college students. The sample consisted of 429 students (313 females, 111 males, 5 not reported). The exploratory factor analysis identified two factors accounting for 50. 41% of the variance: Symbolization (34. 67%) and internalization (15. 74%). Internal consistency of the symbolization and internalization factors were 75% and 61%, respectively. The confirmatory factor analysis results indicated that the two factor model fitted the data better than one factor model.
Keyword(s): moral identity,factor structure,internal consistency
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