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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   summer 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 49 ; Page(s) 151 To 174.

The Effectsof Training Time Management Skills on Self-concept and Academic Buoyancy among High School Students

The present study seeks to investigate the effects of training time management skills on the self-concept and academic buoyancy of high school students. To this aim, a quasi-experimental design was employed with a pretest-posttest including control group. The statistical population consisted of secondary school male students in Ilkhchi city in the academic year of 2016-2017. From this community, 54 students (26 in the experimental group and 28 in the control group) were selected by random cluster sampling. The pre-test was performed for both groups and after the pre-test, training of time management skills was performed for the experimental group while the control group did not receive any training. After the training the post-test was performed. To collect the data, academic self-concept Yesenchen (2004) scale and Academic Buoyancy scale Martin & Marsh (2008) were used. The data obtained through analysis of covariance was analyzed using SPSS software. The results showed that time management skills could affect the academic self-concept and academic buoyancy. Therefore, time management skills could improve academic self-concept and academic buoyancy of secondary school students.
Keyword(s): academic buoyancy,academic self-concept,time management skills
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