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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL DATA   fall 2018 , Volume 27 , Number 107 ; Page(s) 30 To 31.

Modeling urban structure changes with the spatial planning approach to achieve sustainable urban development Case Study: Ghaemshahr

Author(s):  JAFARZADEH KAVEH, SABZGHABAEI GHOLAM REZA*, Yousefi Khangah Shahram, Soltanian Satar
* Department of environment, College of Environment and Natural Resources, Behbahan Khatam Alanbia University of Technology
Introduction: City has long been regarded as one of the human achievements by civilizations. Urban structure is part of the basic and mainconcepts of urban engineering knowledge and, in fact, is the foundation of its formation, and it is of great importance that some urban planners in developed countries regard it as equal to the spatial planning of the city. Today, lots of driving forces exert pressure on the environment. Change in land use and land cover is one of the pressures caused by driving factors such as population and its increase. The destruction of urban landscape, and change in land use and land cover are cases that constantly pressure the environmentof the country. Land use change is a complex and dynamic process thatinterconnect natural and human systems, therefore it directly relatesto many environmental issues that are globally significant. So, it can be stated that changes in urban structure has always been one of the most important factors, by whichmanhas influenced his environment. Given the role of environment in human life, precise information about the environmental change and the process of their changes should be achieved, which, can determine the extent of the expansion and destruction of resources, and guide these changes in appropriate courses by predicting urban structure changes...
Keyword(s): Spatial planning,Changes in urban structure,Artificial neural network,LCM,sustainableurban development
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