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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL DATA   fall 2018 , Volume 27 , Number 107 ; Page(s) 27 To 29.

Analyzing and zoning of geomorphic hazards in the Northern regions of Iran using the network analysis process Case Study: Gilan province

Author(s):  Jafari Payam, SHAHZEIDI SOMAYEHSADAT*
* Geomorphology, Department of geography, Universityof Guilan, Rasht, Iran
Introduction: Today, cities in different parts of the worldare exposed to damages from natural hazards for various reasons. These hazards which are associated with lots of financial damages, fatalities and injuries, are in need for urgent preventive measures. Based on the United Nation International Strategic Plan for disaster reduction (UNISDR), all hazards have two natural and human activities origins. The province of Gilanis one of the northern coastal provinces, whose center is the city of Rasht. The objective of the present research is, analyzing and zoning geomorphic hazards in the province of Gilan. The method of this research is descriptive – analytical, and empirical. In the descriptive section, by using documentary studies and also in the analytical section, by identifying the effective parameters in the zonation of geomorphic hazards and integratingthem with the spatial analyses in GIS, vulnerable zones were identified in the study area. In this research, the factors effective in the zonation of hazards were identified first. Then, in order to measure the significance of each of these factors, a questionnaire was prepared to carry out this important task by the method of ANP and by collecting the opinions of the relevant experts on each of the identified factors. After obtaining the opinions and using the fuzzy logic method, evaluation of each of the criteria and determination of their importance coefficients were done and based on its results, spatial evaluation was carried out using ARC GIS and high risks zones were identified. Results have shown that the use of fuzzy logic along with spatial analysis of GIS has been able to be used as an efficient tool in zoning geomorphic hazards and to prove the capability of the analytical model of research well...
Keyword(s): Geomorphic hazards,Safety,Spatial analysis,Fuzzy logic,Gilan
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