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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL DATA   fall 2018 , Volume 27 , Number 107 ; Page(s) 15 To 16.

Emissivity and land surface temperature mapping from HyTES thermal hyperspectral images using TES and ARTEMISS algorithms

Author(s):  Soleimani vosta kolaei Faeze, AKHOONDZADEH HANZAEI MEHDI*
* Remote sensing department, School of surveying and geospatial engineering, College of engineering, University of Tehran, Iran
Land Surface Temperature (LST) and Emissivity are two significant physical features of the Earth’ s surface and atmosphere. The calculation of land surface temperaturehas a great significance in environmental studies, meteorology, evapotranspiration study, interactions between land surface and the atmosphere, detection of earthquake-related thermal anomalies, monitoring the drought, fire and energy balance models on the surface of the earth on a regional and global scale. The use of remote sensing technology and types of satellite images as one of the most important sources of data collection to study and monitor the land and environmental resources has attracted the attention of many experts and specialists of various sciences including environment, meteorology, hydrology, etc. in recent years. In recent years, hyperspectralthermal images have become a powerful tool for estimation of the land surface temperature due to the large number of thermal bands. The main purpose of this research is to obtain land surface temperature and emissivity using two distinct methods of TES (Temperature/Emissivity Separation Algorithm) and ARTEMISS (Automatic Retrieval of Temperature and emissivity using Spectral Smoothness) from the HyTES thermal hyperspectral images. The HyTES (Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer) is an airborne thermal hyperspectral sensor with 256 spectral channels within the range of 7. 5 and 12 micrometers in the range of thermal infrared of the electromagnetic spectrum designed by NASA...
Keyword(s): LST,Emissivity,TES,ARTEMISS,HyTES,Thermal Hyperspectral Scanner
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