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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   Spring 2018 , Volume 11 , Number 39 ; Page(s) 15 To 30.

An Analysis of Nahj-ol-Balagha's illustration of the Culture of insight and exercise of Muslim Commanders

Author(s):  JAFARI REZA*, hojjatizadeh Tahereh*
* Payame Noor University
Introduction & Objective: Considering that one of Nahjolbalaghe's illustrations is the depiction of a dominant culture of intellectual insight and practical action of Muslim commanders in battlefields and other fields, and also culture, the index of the score of different groups of human beings from each other in recognizing them from other spectra Or groups like in other societies, Some of the cultural aspects of Islamic commanders in the field of thought and deed with a rhetorical and literary approach from the perspective of the Balochi. Research method: Data gathering was carried out by library method; its tool for gathering data; configuring; setting the results in the form of tables and analyzes of the findings was descriptive. findings: The components and attributes of Imam Ali (AS) for the commanders and managers are mentioned in 25 letters of the Nahj-e-Balaghah letters. Regardless of the features and attributes that have semantics in spite of the difference in the word, from the point of view of the Prophet's (PBUH) rulers, 130 characteristic features are central to the characteristics and characteristics of the Muslim commanders in the Islamic state, and these characteristics should be the basis of their manner and manner in performing their duties and homework against God and the Imam and the Wisdom of the time, in the face of subordinates and in the face of enemies in different situations, these features are presented in the form of tables in the text of the article. Conclusion: The essence of the culture dominating the insight and actions of Muslim commanders are components such as piety, femininity, decency, admirability, decency, justice, kindness, wisdom, purity, wisdom, cultivation, tolerance, amenity, subtlety, law Femininity, efficiency, courage, warfare and courage that illustrated the very essence of this culture.
Keyword(s): Imam Ali (as),Nahj-ol-Balagh,culture,illustration,Muslim commanders
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