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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   Spring 2018 , Volume 11 , Number 39 #r00456; Page(s) 1 To 13.

Considerationof entrepreneur and culture's relation

Author(s):  AFIFI RAMIN*
* Tehran South Azad University, Tehran, Iran
By consideration to importance of the relation between culture and entrepreneur, discovering somesolutions to perform this importance, seemsnecessitate. The questionnaire of this research is a proper instrument for consideration of this relation and realization of its goal. Statistical society of this research is consisted of entrepreneurial people of territory four from city ofTehran. 150 people of entrepreneurs from of territory four from province of Tehran have chosen as sample group of research in random accessibility for standardization of questioner. this relation has been evaluated with consideration of marital status, age group, education and job experiences. The results through SPSS software are as below: the validity was evaluated 0. 89 by Cronbach's Alphas which represents the high validity of the test. Content reliability has considered with factor analysis method. And the results represents that the test is saturated with six factors as: 1-attitude2-religouse believes 3-political protection of government 4-Independency 5-leadership power 6-risk-taking. Regarding the tested variables, after the statistical consideration and usage of Regresion method: for consideration of culture's effect on tendency of entrepreneur, we advance to consider the effect of subscales, and at confidence level of 99%, it was observed; the attitude is effected on Independency, leadership power, risk-taking. The political of government is effected on leader ship power and risk-taking. Regarding religion subscale at confidence level of 99%, it showed that religion has effected on leadership power and risk-taking. Regarding the age subscale, at confidence level of 99%, it was significant in relation of Independency, risk-taking, religious believes, and the kind of attitude and is meaningful. Regarding the marital status, it was significant in relation of Independency, risk-taking, being religious, and the kind of attitude and politics of government. Regarding education subscale, it was affected on independency, leadership power, risk-taking, being religious, the kind of attitude, and political of government at confidence level of 99%. Regarding job's experiences, it was significant in 99% confidence level, on Independency, leadership power, the kind of attitude and governmental politics.
Keyword(s): Culture,entrepreneur
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