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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   winter 2019 , Volume 33 , Number 4 (65) #f00638; Page(s) 593 To 605.

Comparison of the effect of using cellulose nanofibers and cationic starch to replace refining on the physical and mechanical properties of paper from OCC pulp

Author(s):  REZAYATI CHARANI P.*, Azizi Mossello A.
The use of old corrugated container (OCC) is considered an effective solution in paper and paperboard productions considering environmental and economic reasons. However, the strength properties of recycled pulp are weaker than the virgin pulp mainly due to hornification. Therefore, various methods such as adding strength enhancing materials and mechanical treatments are used to improve the quality of the recycled pulp. Low production capacity if some the recycling plants imposes limitation in investment on mechanical treatments (refiners) equipment in their production line. In this research, application of cationic starch and cellulose nanofibers (CNF) as strengthen additives and as an alternative for mechanical refining was investigated in the paper and paperboard production from OCC. In this study, cationic starch in one level (2%) and cellulose nanofibers in 3 levels (2, 4, 6%) were used and compared to control (refined and non-refined) samples. Results showed that 2% cationic starch and 4% CNF improved the tensile and burst indices with almost similar or more than refining of pulp, while the pulp dewatering time and paper density were remained at the same level. Therefore, the aforementioned conditions are recommended as a substitute for refining in small units of OCC recycling for paper and paperboard production.
Keyword(s): Cellulose nanofiber (CNF),cationic starch (CS),OCC,refining,strength properties
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