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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL DATA   fall 2018 , Volume 27 , Number 107 #a00476; Page(s) 11 To 12.

Zonation of civil defense spatial planning using Analytic Network Process (ANP) A Case Study of Tehran

Author(s):  LATIFI GHOLAMREZA, Shahidi Sina*
* Allame Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Over the past 3 decades, major wars have taken place in our country and the areas around it, including the 8-yearimposed war by Iraq against Iran, the First and Second wars of the Persian Gulf (1991, 2003), the war of Afghanistan (2003), the 33-day war of Lebanon with the Zionist regime (2006), the 22-day, 8-day and 40-day wars of the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza, the war of the ISIS terrorist group against Syria over the past 7 years and against Iraq over the past 3 years, and the war in Yemenover the past 3 years. The war of Yemen and the fight against ISIS are still going on, and it has become more difficult to resolve these conflicts due to the formation of a controversial coalition led by the United States of America. Due to its prominent position in its geopolitical and anti-arrogance policy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been subjected to threats by the United States of America, the Zionist and othertotalitarian regimes in recent years. The expedients and guidelines of the Supreme leader of revolution are based on strengthening all infrastructure of the country against theenemy’ s threats. In this regard, passive defense is considered as a complementary part for active or armed defense, which includes unarmed measures to increase deterrence and decrease vulnerability, sustaining vital activities, promoting national sustainability and favorable effectiveness of crisis management against threats and armed actions by the enemy. CivilDefense planning (Spatial organization) is a process which leads to the reduction of vulnerability and the increase of defensive reversibility, sustainability and tolerability against enemy’ s attacks through reorganizing and rearranging spatial elements of a city...
Keyword(s): Spatial organizing,Civil defense,Passive defense,Zoning,ANP
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