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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL DATA   fall 2018 , Volume 27 , Number 107 ; Page(s) 9 To 10.

Identification and analysis of factors affecting the development of War Zone Tourism in Kurdistan Province Case Study: Marivan City

* Department of geography , Payame noor University
Introduction: One of the new products, destinations and types of tourism that can be well utilized for the socio-economic reconstruction of the border areas, is war tourism. Almost after World War II, the war tourism idea which had no objectives except reviving the war zones and improving the economic conditions in these areas attractedthe attentions. War tourism is a type of black tourism, which is considered to be the most visited type of black tourism. Despite the public fear of death, the interest of tourists to visit the places which have experienced natural and human disasters is on the rise. The main issue addressed in this research is that, up until now, tourism activities related to the war have failed to gain a considerable place in economic and social sustainabilityin the city of Marivan considering its potentials in this city. The main objective of the present research is to identify and analyze the status of tourism in the region with a systematic approach, because tourism as a system composed of various elements can only play its role in the realization of developing war-torn areas, once all elements of the system in terms of quantity and quality are placed together in a coordinated set in such a way that includesall the players of the extensive scene of tourismso that the obstacles and problems of war tourism development in the city are detected in the first place and then, the practical solutions for the development of this type of tourism to create the bases for economic and social reconstruction of the war-torn region of Marivan are suggested...
Keyword(s): Dark tourism,War tourism,Supply and Demand,Border region of Marivan
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