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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL DATA   fall 2018 , Volume 27 , Number 107 ; Page(s) 1 To 2.

Integration of satellite image and LiDAR data to determine damaged buildings after the earthquake based on support vector Machine Algorithm in Haiti

* School of Surveying and Geospatial Engineering, University of Tehran, College of Engineering
Introduction: Given the population growth and increasing urbanization, the occurrence of natural disasters like earthquake can cause heavy losses and damages and interrupt the development of cities and countries. Among these disasters, the earthquakeisof great importance due to its unpredictability and high frequency in relation to other events, as well as its location on the earthquake belt. According to the last year's estimate, Iran has been one of the 6 countries with high mortality rates in earthquakes. Therefore, finding a way to minimize the losses can be critical. Crisis managers need quick information from the affected area after the earthquake to minimize the fatalities and financiallosses. The destruction map is one of the information that helps crisis managers. These maps show the destructed buildings or roads with their degree of destruction. With these maps, the destructed buildings and roads can be found quickly...
Keyword(s): Earthquake,Satellite image,LiDAR data,Support Vector Machine,Destruction map
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