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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   winter 2018 , Volume 11 , Number 38 ; Page(s) 1 To 10.

A Study of Relationships between Cultural Intelligence and Human Resource Productivity in Kashan Saipa Company

Author(s):  RAHIMI HAMID*, Momenian Maryam
* Department of Educational Management, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, Iran
Introduction and purpose of the Research: The purpose of this research was to study relationship between cultural intelligence and human resource productivity in Kashan Saipa Company. Research type was descriptive correlative. The statistical population consisted of 2700 managers and staffs in the Kashan Saipa Company that by Cocran Formula from the 2700, 172 were chosen by using stratified randomized sampling were chosen. Methods: The information gathering tools at were cultural intelligence questionnaire with 20 items and productivity questionnaire with 20 items on base 5 likert scale. Questionnaires validity confirmed by content and construction validity. Through Cronbach alpha coefficient, reliability coefficients were obtained equal to 0. 83 for cultural intelligence and 0. 88 for productivity. Data analyses were used in levels descriptive statistics (frequency, average, percent, and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (correlation, t-test & regresion) through SPSS software. Findings: Finding showed mean of cultural intelligence and productivity components are bigger than average and there are positive and significant relationship between all of components cultural intelligence and productivity components. Conclusions: Since cultural intelligence is capable of adapting to new cultural contexts and settings, it seems that those who are considered to be intellectually culturally more productive.
Keyword(s): Cultural Intelligence,Productivity,Managers,Human Resource,Company
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