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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   winter 2018 , Volume 11 , Number 38 #r00455; Page(s) 61 To 74.

Islamic State Educational Facilities in organizing the process of socializing women

Author(s):  Karami Firozeh*
* Department of Theology and Islamic Sciences, Payame Noor University of Lavasan, Tehran, Iran
Introduction and purpose of the Research: In the present era, due to the social, cultural and economic upheavals, the presence of women in various fields of society has increased. Since the socialization of women and the consequent consequences of it are inevitable, the Islamic State has a very important task to prepare for the proper conditions for the presence of women in society. This essay examines the responsibilities of the Islamic State in the management and planning of the field of education in order to foster the appropriate conditions for women's participation in society. Methods: This paper is descriptive-analytic and based on sources, texts and previous researches and expert opinions. The theoretical basis of this research is mainly based on the works of Professor Morteza Motahhari. Findings: The main tasks of the government in policy planning, planning and management of educational affairs, in order to improve the socialization process of women, are: developing a family education system, teaching life and home skills, teaching parenting skills and coaching, teaching science (general and specialized) Family-based skills upgrading, social and occupational developmental skills, career planning training courses, self-employment skills training courses, skills development in homework and entrepreneurship training courses. Conclusions: The Islamic State has a duty to properly and accurately implement the above-mentioned plans and take appropriate and urgent measures, because the lack of proper functioning of them involves abnormalities and disadvantages that challenge the personality and personality of the woman, family and community excellence. Will pull.
Keyword(s): education,socialization,women,Islamic state
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