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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   winter 2019 , Volume 33 , Number 4 (65) ; Page(s) 501 To 510.

TGA and DTA thermal analysis of wood-polymer produced by furfurylation of beech and fir wood

Author(s):  TALAEI A.*
* Department of Wood Science and Technology, Faculty of Materials Engineering and New Technologies, University of Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training, Tehran, Iran
The present study was carried out with the aim of thermal analysis of furfurylated wood produced from beech (Fagus orientalis) and fir (Abies alba). In this regard, the specimens were saturated with two different levels of furfurylation in the form of low levels (14% fir and 20% beech) and high levels (38% fir and 65% beech), and compared with control samples. The results showed that changes in the TGA and DTA thermograms occur with an increase in the furfurylation level. In the first section of TGA thermograms, thermal stability of the wood increased with furfurylation and its level changed due to decreased water absorption and evaporation of gases during the process of furfurylation. But in the second and third regions, because of the replacement of furfuryl alcohol with lower thermal stability and flammability in the structure of wood and changes in the chemical structure of the wood, the thermal stability of wood polymers in both species decreased. The results of the analysis of DTA thermograms, in addition to confirming the findings from the TGA analysis, revealed the results of the impact of wood species on the thermal stability of wood polymers. Due to the difference in cellulose and hemicellulose and lignin in the structure of softwoods and hardwoods, the hemi-cellulose type in two species and the thermal stability difference of different implementation, wood polymers from beech and fir woods are different in the variation of the thermograms surface area of the DTA thermograms, the initial temperatures and peak temperatures.
Keyword(s): Thermal analysis,DTA,TGA,furfurylation,beech,fir
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