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Journal:   URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDIES   fall 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 35 ; Page(s) 33 To 42.

Predicting the Performance of Employees Based on Organizational Justice and job security Variables (case study: Municipal of Zahedan)

Author(s):  KEIKHA ALEME*, Shahraki Fatemeh, Keikha Hasan
* University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran
Introduction and Objective: Nowadays, human force plays an important role in the competitive course for the organizations and undoubtedly a successful organization is the one which pays attention to the job security and justice of its employees, which has a salient role in their performance. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of organizational justice and job security on the performance of the employees of Zahedan Municipality. Method: Research method is descriptive-survey based on structural equations and the statistical population includes all the employees of area 1 Municipality of Zahedan. The sample size includes 200 subjects, 127 of which were selected according to Morgan table and through random sampling. Nihoff and Morman's (1993) questionnaire of standard organizational justice, Nissi et. al questionnaire of job security (1379) and the Hersi and Goldsmith's questionnaire of job performance (1981) have been used for collecting data. Content validity was determined by the confirmation of experts and the validity of the structure was confirmed via factor analysis and the dependability was calculated through compound Cronbach's alpha as 0/90, 0/92 and 0/97. SPSS 23 and PLS3 were used for data analysis. Findings: The findings of the research indicated that organizational justice and job security have a significant effect (P<0. 05) on the performance of the employees of Zahedan Municipality. Also, organizational justice has a significant and positive (P<0. 05) effect on the job Security of the employees of Zahedan Municipality. Conclusion: The existence of organizational justice in workplace indicates the rate of organization importance to employees, Therefore, increasing the level of organizational justice increases employee performance. Also Job security can reduce the dissatisfaction that employees may have about their jobs, Prevent employees from leaving the organization and increase the willingness of employees to deliver high-quality performance.
Keyword(s): Organizational justice,Job security,Employees' performance,Municipality of Zahedan
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