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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   fall 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 3 (42) #a00478; Page(s) 109 To 122.

The Desirable Pattern and Organizational Structure of Public Universities PR (Public Relations Managers Point of View)

Author(s):  BOROUJERDI ALAVI MAHDOKHT, Zarin kafsh Lila, Mozzaffari Afsaneh
This research has been conducted with the aim of understanding the existing and desirable structure of public relations structures in public universities. The statistical society of this research has been formed by director of public relations managers at in public universities. This research is carried out in a general method and the statistical society consists of 127 public relations officials of universities and higher education which, 108 people have completed the questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of questions on the current stare of the organizational structure of "what is it" and a general question of the desirable situation "what it should be" and for analyzing the data, descriptive statistics tables were adopted and the following results were obtained: After reviewing the profile of the pertiupants, the findings related to the assessment of the organizational structure of the public relations at public universities and higher education institutions were studied. In this study, the largest organizational structure is "office" and the smallest organizational structures are "the general administration" and "management". A sign can't number of public relations officials work under direct supervision of the head of the university in which this has a major impact on the independence of public relations. It is worth mentioning that the title of post at universities and higher education institutions is a function of organizational structure and participation in various universities showing some confusion and uncertainty in the implementation of public relations responsibilities in universities. Considering that the spokesperson of the institute is considered to be very heavy responsibility, but more than half of the public relations officials of the universities are concerned about it. But other aspects of communicating with the mass media, having a consultant's name, presence in the system of suggestions, presence in the system of suggestions, and presence in the policy-making process for the organization.
Keyword(s): Public relations,Organizational structure,State universities
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