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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   fall 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 3 (42) ; Page(s) 79 To 88.

Investigating Omission of Macro-Structures and Rhetorical Patterns in Media Translation: Offering Solutions

Rhetorical conventions and genre features are among those formal and structural elements in world wide language systems which play a critical role in creating meaning and transfer of communicative message. Unfamiliarity of the translators of texts with specific purpose result in ignoring these conventions and features in target text which brings about a deficient translation. One of those professional settings in which this failure shows itself is journalism and media. Therefore the current research was an attempt to investigate different dimensions of this failure by genre analysis of a sample of media corpus translated by Iranians in Mehr News Agency. To this aim, the researcher adopted the Swalsian model of genre analysis (1990) and that of Halliday (1997). The findings submitted proofs on this deficiency and failure in translation. The results showed that some rhetorical conventions and Macro-structures of source text which carry function of the texts are missed in the in the translated texts in the target language. For the same reason, the researcher has employed theoretical and practical foundations of translation and those of second and foreign language teaching to offer approaches and solutions to this problem. These findings have implications for language teachers and learners, news translators, journalist and those who are involved in curriculum development of English for specific purposes.
Keyword(s): Rhetorical Patterns,Translation,Macro-structure,Media
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