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Journal:   ARCHIVES OF IRANIAN MEDICINE   December 2018 , Volume 21 , Number 12; Page(s) 611 To 612.

Extramedullary Manifestation of Multiple Myeloma in the Oral Cavity

Author(s):  Pereira Hansen Cristiano de Assis*, Filho Jayr Schmidt, Nascimento Marina de Mattos, Alves Fabio Abreu, Neotti Tatiane, Costa Felipe D Almeida
* Alameda Rio Branco, 745. Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Postal Code: 89010-015
Background: Extramedullary plasmacytomas occurs in about 20% of multiple myeloma (MM) recurrences. Extramedullary disease seems to respond poorly to thalidomide and has adverse prognostic implication. When disease recurs in the oral cavity with soft tissue infiltration, some authors defend upfront surgical excision prior to radiotherapy with the aim of achieving better local control. We describe herein such an atypical case of recurrence from MM, with complete local response after 2 cycles of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, disease progressed later on, and the patient died after 9 months post-recurrence. This emphasizes the prognostic impact of extramedullary disease manifestation in MM.
Keyword(s): Multiple myeloma,Oral cavity,Recurrences
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