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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   fall 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 3 (42) #a00478; Page(s) 47 To 61.

Elements of Postmodern Cinema in the Movie “ Have You Another Apple? ”

Author(s):  Mousavi Seyede Sorayya, Mehdizade Taleshi Seyed Mohammad
The themes and ideas of postmodernism have pervaded the cinema and have led to the creation of postmodern films. During the last years, several Iranian films have made based on postmodern themes. The current study aims to recognize the elements of postmodern cinema in the movie “ Have You another Apple? ” directed by Bayram Fazli in 2006. To this end, the concepts of Postmodernism and Postmodern Cinema have reviewed in the theoretical framework. Quantitative content analysis method was used in order to achieve the goals. The unit of analysis is “ scene” . Statistical population of this research is 90 scenes of movie “ Have You another Apple? ” Data were collected through the census method and were analyzed using SPSS. The findings have been analyzed based on “ intertextuality” and “ decline of metanarrative” . The result shows “ Have You another Apple? ” is a postmodern movie without a classic hero. It involves the audiences in storytelling. The film is dominated by a pseudo-surreal sphere. The postmodern films include lots of signifiers that their signified is made in audiences' minds. “ Have You another Apple? ” is full of signs and symbols. Many of scenes look like painting, so it could be concluded that the figure is dominant. The main character in “ Have You another Apple? ” is not like the heroes in classic films; he is immature and fool. In the most scenes of this movie, human is portrayed as a “ captive” . Based on the results characters rarely try to escape from oppression, and in the most scenes they surrender. At the end of the movie, nobody overcome the oppression. The movie denies the active and aware subject and the possibility of human liberation and emancipation. “ Have you another apple? ” ends while the main character running that reminds “ Sisyphus Cycle and the Futility” .
Keyword(s): Postmodernism,Postmodern cinema,Content analysis,Metanarratives,intertextuality
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