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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   fall 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 3 (42) ; Page(s) 35 To 45.

The Study of Relationship between Employee Attitude and Empowerment of National Newspapers Journalists Which are Being Published in Tehran

Organizations need skilled man powers, confident and decision-maker for competitiveness. Thus, for the last two decades, the empowerment of human resources has become one of the key topics for leading organizations and they have turned into investigating ways of workforce empowerment in order to gain upper hand in competitive markets. One of the key factors in empowerment is employee attitude. employee attitude consists of three parts: Job satisfaction, Organizational commitment and Task dependency. These three kinds of attitudes impact on professional journalistic activities. Upon this, the aim of this research is study of relationship between employee attitude and empowerment. cluster sampling has been used as sampling method in this research. 14 newspapers have been elected out of 58 national newspapers which are being published in Teheran. Asking for journalists ideas by questionnaires. at last 256 questionnaires filled out. SPSS software has been used for data analysis. Findings indicate that there is a statistically significant relationship between employee attitude and empowerment. We also find out that salary is the worst part as their job satisfaction factors.
Keyword(s): Empowerment,Employee attitude,Journalists,Job satisfaction,Organizational commitment,Task dependency
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