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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   summer 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 2 (41) ; Page(s) 7 To 19.

Prioritizing Optimal Strategies for Amoozesh Channel via Analytical Hierarchy Process

Author(s):  ROSHANDEL ARBATANI TAHER, KHASHEI VAHID, Norouz Gendeshmin Youseph*
The aim of this study is to prioritize optimal strategies for Amoozesh cannel via AHP (analytical hierarchy process). The questions of present study are: what are the optimal strategies that help Amoozesh cannel to achieve its long-term goals? How are the priorities of compiled strategies of various stages of Amoozesh cannel? In this study research type is applied and research method type is a composing of qualitative and quantitative. To complete available data Delphi questionnaire and matrix questionnaire were used. In the present study at first strategies and goals of Amoozesh cannel according to viewpoints of experts were identified and then strategies were prioritized based on their viewpoints. The results showed that the scale of incompatibility in all items was lower than IR0. 1 so compatibility of answers was confirmed. based on viewpoints of experts, becoming one of the most creditable references of training in the country and meeting the various demand of addressees by verifying the forms of programs, with score of 0. 457 as a goal and researching and assessing the training contexts and needs of addressees and meeting the most fundamental training needs of addressees and society with score of 0. 290 as a strategy in comparison with other goals and strategies are more important in success of Amoozesh cannel. Finally 4 strategies between 8 strategies were selected as optimal strategies.
Keyword(s): Optimal Strategies,Analytical Hierarchy Process,Prioritizing,Goals
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