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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   Winter 2019 , Volume 13 , Number 4 (43) ; Page(s) 59 To 73.

Study and Analysis Relationship of the Rate of Media Literacy with the Rate of Social Well-being of Working Women in Tabriz Factories (Dadash Baradar Industrial co. “ Shoniz” & Sobh Parlar Asia Industrial co. )

Author(s):  RAD FIROUZ, Pasoodeh Elham
The present research investigates the relationship between the rate of “ Media Literacy” and “ Social Well-being” of working women in 2 companies “ Shoniz” and “ Parlar” . Standard quiestionnaire is used to collect information and is done in quantitative method and survey technique. The statistical society is working women in “ Dadash Baradar Industrial co” which includes 140 woman and “ Parlar Asia Industrial co. ” that includes 60 woman. The quiestionnaire is distributed among all of the 200 women. The research finding showed that there was a meaningfull relationship between the independent variable “ Media Literacy” dependant variables indicators including “ Social Actualization” , “ Social Coherence” , “ Social Acceptance” and “ Social Integration” except the “ Social Contribution” and these four hypothesis are accepted. But there isn’ t any meaningfull relationship between predestinate variables including “ Age” , “ Marital Statue” and “ Socio-economic Base” with Social Well-being. Also a meaningfull relationship is seen between Age and Media Literacy. The result of linear regression analysis showed that Media Literacy could explain 11/2 % of Social Well-beings changes and 88/8 of the remaining changes were affected by the other variables and factors that aren’ t included in this research. Also Media Literacy had the effect equal to 34/1 % on working women’ s Social Well-being. It means that by increasing one standard deviation of Media Literacy, the rate of Social Well-being among working women had been increased equal to 0/341 of standard deviation. So it can be included that there is a relationship between Media Literacy and Social Well-being.
Keyword(s): media literacy,Social Well-being,media,Mass Media
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