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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   Winter 2019 , Volume 13 , Number 4 (43) ; Page(s) 47 To 57.

Identification of Measures for Performance Evaluation of Platform-Based Audience Engagement Social Media in Iranian Automobile Industry

Author(s):  Khalafi Amir, khajehian Datis, BADIZADEH ALI
Customer engagement platforms such as gamification, co-creation and open innovation platforms have found popularity in recent decade and several industrial and service organizations are adapted to use them for marketing purposes. However, the results have been faced with challenges that are partly raised because of lack of specific measures to evaluate performance of these platforms. The current research aims to fill the gap by identifying specific measures for evaluation of performance of these platforms in Iranian automobile industry. For this purpose, after conduct of a literature review in marketing measures, a primary set of measures have been extracted. In the second phase, a panel of experts have been used to refine the measures and to adapt them with the automobile industry. After content analysis, 82 measure identified and classified into six groups of measures, including 1) Social media measures, 2) Application-related measures, 3) Findability measures, 4) Strategy measures, 5) Public relations measures, 6) Gamification measures identified. Findings of this research can be used by strategic management, marketing and other departments that are related to performance evaluation of customer engagement platforms.
Keyword(s): Social media,Platforms,Performance evaluation measure,Automobile industry,Audience engagement
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