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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   Winter 2019 , Volume 13 , Number 4 (43) ; Page(s) 31 To 46.

Extraction and leveling of Effective Components on Increasing the Effectiveness of Online Advertising

Author(s):  beladian Seyed Mostafa, Asareh Nejad Dezfuli Sina, BAGHERI MAHDI, HOMAYOON MOHAMMAD HADI
The purpose of the present study is to extract and level the components of effective on increasing the effectiveness of internet advertising. Therefore, in the mixed paradigm, in the first step, using the qualitative content analysis method, the components of increasing the effectiveness of online advertising, from the texts related to the topic Investigations are extracted, which include: constitutive components, market components, audience components, product-related components, components of the message content content, infrastructure components, and strategic components. In the second stage, using the Structural-Interpretative Method (ISM), the components were ranked and the level of influence, impact, dependence and influence of these components were determined relative to each other, and the structural-interpretation model of these components, in increasing the effectiveness Internet advertising was designed. Based on this model, the most influential component of other components and the least effective component over other components are constitutive components. Therefore, media and advertising makers and advertisers consider this component as the least important component, and in the first encounter with the problem of advertising for a product, the least priority is given to this component. In contrast, based on the structured-textual model presented by the components of increasing the effectiveness of online advertising, the most influential component on other components in this area will be the components of the audience. However, this component has the least impact from other components of increasing the effectiveness of online advertising. The sum of these two features in the audience components will make the producers in the different domains give the highest priority to this component, and in the initial deal with the problem of advertising for a product, the first thing they will think, the related issues To the audience. Therefore, in some way, the audience and customer issues, as the basis of Internet advertising. Among these two components, there is also a spectrum of components with different priorities.
Keyword(s): Effectiveness,Internet Advertising,Effective Components,Modeling,Structural-Interpretative
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