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Journal:   SHAFA –E- DEL   spring-summer 2019 , Volume 2 , Number 3 #g00641; Page(s) 143 To 180.

Review of Nader Naderpour’ s poems from the perspective of Russian formalism

Author(s):  Nazari charvadeh Ahmadreza, Nazari charvadeh Masoumeh
Nader Naderpour is one of the most recent popular poets in 30th and 40th decades and we can call him the one of the most important classical poems heritage but yet modern. The beauty, elegance and Aesthetic aspects of his poems are results of his knowledge about past poems. Therefore in this current research, we have tried to study this outstanding Poet’ literatures by the help of one of the most important recent literature theories i. e Russian formalism. In this research, our goal is to introducing Nader Naderpour’ s versicular language from the Russian formalism point of view and discover the structure and versicular language in this contemporary poet’ s literatures as well as find an answer to questions such as “ Which process is being done to construct Nader Naderpour’ s poets and literatures? ” , Does breaking law (whether phonetic, musical or grammar) in Nader Naderpour’ s poems and literatures frequently happen? The results show that about one over three of Nader Naderpour’ s poems are naturalism. The poem “ plant and rock but no fire” is among the most naturalism in his poems. Breaking phonetic law and grammar, balance in grammar, beat, beat options, pun and other aspects, show that Nader Naderpour’ s poems are among Russian formalism structure.
Keyword(s): Russian formalusm,Anormality,Ununderstandability,Highlightibg
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