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Journal:   SHAFA –E- DEL   spring-summer 2019 , Volume 2 , Number 3 #g00641; Page(s) 103 To 126.

Functionality of Prefixes and Postfixes in translation of two section of holy Quran

Author(s):  Mosavi Sayyed hamed*
* Payam Noor University of Aran and Bidgpl Center
One of the topics used in historical grammar under the field of word making, is “ Prefixes” and “ Postfixes” . This naming is due to their positions in words. Some of the grammarians have introduced “ Midfixes” as well. In another divisions, some of the grammarians, have categorized Prefixes and postfixes as derivatives and dedicatives. This research is an analysis of usage of post fixes and prefixes in translation of one of the Holy Quran which is found in third century. Prefixes and Postfixes in this old translation, sometimes have grammar usage which in turns constitutes adjectives and verbs. Sometimes they will change the meaning of words. The translator by the help of prefixes and postfixes has became able to use verbs with more strength. Of course prefixes and postfixes in sometimes make no changes to the meaning of words. It needs to say that in this regards, there is a research titled by “ Holy Quran and Postfix and Prefix usage” written by Maryam Shabanzadeh & Mahmoud Barati. But there has been no research done to that subject of matter alone and the research is done by means of research in library and analysis based on frequency.
Keyword(s): Historical grammar,affix,grammar function,semantic function
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