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Journal:   SHAFA –E- DEL   spring-summer 2019 , Volume 2 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 87 To 101.

Structural elements of the Daricheh-ha, a poem from Akhavan Thaleth

Akhavan Thaleth (M. Omid) sometimes to relief his fire inside, turned to love subjects. Worldwide subject “ Love” becomes a gate to secure him for a moment from social-politics context which are greatly suffocation to him. Alas that these such poems are also disappointing. His mistress is either from “ Winter” whose wild cold has ruined and freezed his affection, or she is in travel and far from him. Therefore disappointing love has put another pain to Akahavan’ s deep pains. The poet “ Daricheha” which is musical, is written the way mentioned. In this article, structural elements of the poem “ Daricheha” is examined in a analytic and descriptive manner. The results show that Pattern used in a poem, is not determinative and representative to the whole text. But, meaning, pulls the patterns by itself. The poem “ Daricheha” which is the consequences of its author external experiences and is written in Bahr “ Hazag mosadas-e akhrab maghbooz” , is one of the most satisfactory of songs and weights, which is in contradictory to past acceptable opinion. In this poem, Meaning, Language and Imagination, are all in consistence. Clearance, simplicity and intimacy are the reasons to clearance, simplicity and imagination.
Keyword(s): Akhavan Thaleth,Daricheh,structure,structural elements
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