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Journal:   SHAFA –E- DEL   spring-summer 2019 , Volume 2 , Number 3 #g00641; Page(s) 1 To 38.

Fictional role and function of heroes, villains and assistants in the tales of Mehdi Azar Yazdi based on the theory of Prop

Author(s):  Sarmadi Zeinab, JANGI GHAHREMAN TORAB
This study examine the fictional role and functions of heroes and villains in folk tales according to the works of Mehdi Azar Yazdi and according to Propp’ s theory and also examine classification or idolize of heroes and villains and analyze and explain the role and fictional role of heroes and villains in mentioned works. Mehdi Azar Yazdi is a contemporary writer in the field of child literature who rewrites stories that are rooted in the ancient Persian literature and one of his works in this area is the book of fresh tales of ancient books which is a kind of educated and adventurous book and a complete collection of ten notebooks and since in folk tales structure of text fined identity in confrontation between the hero and villain and the role of heroes in the stories is fighting and suppression of the evil characters and the role of the wicked in the tales is to stir the calm of a happy family and create a kind of tragedy or cause harm, accordingly, the fictional role and functions of heroes and villains in the works of Mehdi Azar Yazdi are described and analyzed and also some tables have been drawn.
Keyword(s): fictional role and function,heroes and villains,Mehdi Azar Yazdi
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