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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS (FINANCIAL ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT)   winter 2019 , Volume 12 , Number 45 #p00531; Page(s) 147 To 165.

The effect of sanctions on the insurance industry with an emphasis on inflation and the problems of transfer of monetary affairs

Author(s):  HAMZEH ASMA*, Atatalab Fatemeh
* Insurance Research Institute, Tehran, Iran
Economic sanctions have been targeting different economic areas in recent years, and they are increasing their influence each day to further change the economic relations of governments. Insurers have also faced severe economic sanctions these days. Economic sanctions increase inflation and disrupt the circulation of money. Inflation is a steady increase in the general level of prices of goods and services, which ultimately leads to a reduction in purchasing power and economic turmoil. In most countries, today the issue of inflation is one of the most important economic issues. Inflation, when exceeded in the economy, is affecting the financial relationships between individuals and companies. The insurance industry is not immune from the effects of various inflationary conditions, due to its extensive communication with other sectors of the economy and society. Also, some of the issues in the country cause problems in the transfer of monetary affairs, which also affects the insurance industry. As a result, the cooperation of domestic and foreign insurers decreases, and due to the problem of opening letter of credit, it is difficult to accept the risk of other party banks in the field of foreign trade. Also, the activities of domestic insurance companies in the international arena and reinsurance acceptance or investment will not be easy as before. In this regard, in this research, we are going to examine the effects of inflation and the problems of transferring money to the insurance industry. Certainly, it's not possible to examine these effects on the insurance industry in general. So we examine separately the different areas of insurance that are affected.
Keyword(s): Inflation,Problems of transfer of monetary affairs,Life insurance,Non-life insurance,Reinsurance
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