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Journal:   MEDIA STUDIES   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 1 (40) #b00504; Page(s) 21 To 38.

Surveying and Assessing the Role of the Media on Urban Tourism Development Using path analysis Techniques

Author(s):  YAZDANI MOHAMMAD HASSAN, ALIPOUR EBRAHIM*, Dashti Amir Hesam, Biouteh Ahad
Tourism industry has significant and noticeable financial and social effects (on society). Creating jobs and achieving an stable foreign exchange earnings and also cross – cultural understanding in the international peace and accordance direction are some of financial and social impacts of this industry. In the meantime the mass media especially the television due to its capacities and functionalities such as informing the people, education, entertainment, satisfaction, advertisement, common mobilization and making culture can play a peerless role in tourism industry. The present research tries to declare the relation between the tourism advancement and also indexes relevant to media in Ardebil and Sarein cities. This research is fundamental due to its goal and the type of research and it describes the correlation between the variables and it has used the measurement method in its research execute. For sampling the simple random sampling method has been applied. The results of path analysis in this research shows that variables of target selection, advertisement are the variables that directly affect on developing urban tourism. But, since the advertisement variable has been entered immediately in the equation immediately after the variable of tourism development as the internal dependant variable, so it has not any indirect effect on urban tourism development. The amount of direct impact of target selection, advertisement and plan on the variable of urban tourism development are respectively. /289, . /223, and. /213 which shows that for one unit change on the variable of target selection and advertisement the amount of urban tourism development has been changed respectively to 0/289, 0/223, 0/213.
Keyword(s): Ardabil,Path Analysis,Media Development
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