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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE AND LAW   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 22 ; Page(s) 211 To 230.

Three Main Axis to Expand the Terriory of Ijtehad

Author(s):  Vasati Abdul Hamid*
* The Logic Group of Understanding Religion, Tehran, Iran
This article is part of a study to define, interpret, and explain the "macro-scale" or "ijtihad systematizing and civilizing" infrastructures. The question of the article is: why the realm of ijtihad is practically exclusive to jurisprudence, meaning "individual commandments", and to what extent the scope of ijtihad expands if the evidence of this monopoly is not complete? The hypothesis of the author is about the meaning of ijtihad and its domain: "Ijtihad is a methodological and reasoning epistemic attempt to obtain the opinion of God (including descriptions and prescriptions) from authentic sources based on authentic evidence". According to this hypothesis, Ijtihad does not devote to jurisprudence, and it flows in the whole of religion; it has three axes that support this hypothesis: 1. Review the concept and scope of the "verb" in the definition of jurisprudence; 2. Revise the scope of sentence Shari'a; 3. Reviewing the concept and scope of "authority" in defining ijtihad.
Keyword(s): The realm of ijtihad,the logic of understanding religion,jurisprudence of ethics,jurisprudence of the system
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