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Journal:   URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDIES   winter 2019 , Volume 10 , Number 36 ; Page(s) 41 To 60.

Contemporization of Historical Neighborhoods with the Aim of Urban Spaces Place Making

* Department of Urban Engineering, Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction and Purpose: One of the dimensions of urban contemporization is social. Cultural experiences are considered as stimuli of contemporization. For this reason, the reproduction of place for the basis of the application of cultural experiences must be the basis of many contemporization plans. The present study is an attempt to develop a place-based contemporization approach. It seems that there is a meaningful relationship between the underlying factors, developmental factors, foresighting, social interactions and unconscious reproduction, and the location-based contemporization approach in these spaces. Method: The present study requires a qualitative approach; hence the basis of the research ontology is free research. In this paper, to evaluate the content validity according to the experts in terms of the amount of coordination between the measurement tool and the purpose of the research, two methods of qualitative and quantitative are used. Cronbach's alpha method was used to assess the reliability of research tools. In order to achieve the main goal of the paper, structural equation modeling and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) have been used to assess the validity of described environmental features. Findings: Finally, it can be said that the orientation of this research in the field of describing the place-based contemporization approach can be provided in five main dimensions of "underlying factors", "developmental factors", "social processes", "prospective factors", "everyday interactions", and "unconscious reproduction". Conclusion: In general, it can be concluded that the unconscious reproduction factor has the greatest impact on the place-based contemporization approach. Local knowledge, use of place, and interactions and experiences are among the criteria that influence this process. The criterion of everyday interactions and experiences has the greatest impact on the unconscious reproduction and, consequently, on the process of the place-based contemporization.
Keyword(s): Contemporization,everyday interactions,historical sites,location based contemporization,reproduction of a place
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