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Journal:   URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDIES   spring 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 33 ; Page(s) 85 To 96.

Spatial Analysis of Factors Influencing the Increase in Housing Prices in Tabriz Using Correlation and Regression Model

* University of Tabriz
Introduction and Objective: Price is the most important variable in the land and housing sector, which is responsible for providing economic resources, informing and providing the necessary signals to investors. The analysis of spatial performance of the housing market is very important for the study of the city's social well-being. This study aimed to investigate the variables influencing the housing prices in two residential units, villas and apartments based on the literature and empirical studies in Tabriz were studied. These variables include four variable Socio-economic, physical, environmental and variable access housing units Were measured in all urban areas, s tabriz. research method: The variable data through questionnaires from households and housing prices is based on authentic and real estate agents. To analyze the relationship between the variables discussed as independent variables and housing prices as the dependent variable was used the Pearson correlation and regression model. Foun: According to the results of Pearson correlation test, there is a positive and significant relationship between independent and dependent variables. The results of the regression model show that the four variables have a direct and significant effect on the increase in housing prices in residential units and apartment buildings. In the villa oasis, the variables of access to residential units and socio-economic factors of the household and in apartment units, environmental variables (neighborhood) and access to housing alone have an impact on the rise in housing prices. Result: The results of this research show that in total villa and apartment units, the variable quality of the facade of the building, the area of the infrastructure, the number of rooms in the residential unit and the land area have had the greatest impact on the rise in housing prices in the metropolis of Tabriz.
Keyword(s): housing prices,units,flats and villas,regression model,Tabriz
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