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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN DESIGN   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 6 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 17 To 33.

Effective Environmental Qualities of Citizen Participation in Urban Public Realms as a Social Dimension of Sustainable Development, Case Study: Shiraz, Iran

Author(s):  Sadeghi Ali Reza, Panahi Nilofar, Zare Parisa
Currently, the application of the principles of sustainable development in urban public realms is taken into consideration. Active engagement with life is conducted by providing participation, activity and social interaction of citizens with each other. Thus, the participation of citizens in these realms is effective in their physical and mental health and sustainable urban design objectives. So in this article, recognition of the urban public realms which have the value for the participation from the perspective of citizens have been studied and analyzed. In conducting this research, correlation and survey research methods have been used. Also, questionnaire as data gathering tool and SPSS and Smart PLS as data analysis and assessment tools and structural model of confirmatory factor analysis and the analysis method of Partial Least Squares as the method of the data analysis have been applied. Statistical population of this research was all over-15-years citizens who used urban public realms of Shiraz. Also the sample group were 176 persons of statistical population and Cronbach's alpha was 0. 805. Results of this research emphasize that from the perspective of citizens of Shiraz, measures of vitality, lack of pollution and being green, the Capability of Recognition and experience, suitability and integrity, inclusiveness and lack of crime are important in citizen participation. The highest correlation is between the suitability and integrity and the capability of recognition and experience.
Keyword(s): Urban Public Realms,Citizen Participation,Sustainable development,Environmental Quality,Shiraz City
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