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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE AND LAW   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 11 , Number 21 ; Page(s) 9 To 25.

Causes of Easement Creation in Islamic Religions

* Department of Law, Payame Noor University, Tehran Iran
The right to easement is one of the important issues of human life in livelihood or trading. So sometimes people see the needs of others and help them to meet their needs. So what is the cause of the creation of the right to promote Islamic jurisprudence? This article discusses the causes of the creation of the right to education. These articles contain the views of the great Islamic five jurisprudents. During the research, the divisions and commonalities of religions are well known. One of the most important reasons for the creation of the right to claim is the right to easement to a public partnership between people, exchange of rights, rights to property, inheritance, will, and willfulness of this right, which is discussed in detail in each of these cases in more detail. Is. This article can help jurists in juggling issues as well as in the formulation of legal rules, and is a way for them to come up with this issue.
Keyword(s): right,easement,causes of creation,Imamieh,Sunny
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