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Journal:   URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDIES   spring 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 33 #b00502; Page(s) 17 To 28.

Analyze of Crisis Management in the System Identity of Contemporary Iranian Architecture and Urban Planning

Author(s):  ASHRAFI NASIM*
* Department of Architecture, Pardis Azad University, Pardis, Iran
Introduction and Purpose of the Research: Understanding the crisis requires the systematization of theories. Today, crisis management in the field of architecture and urban planning is the focus of attention of most architects and urban planners, while the cultural, economic, political and social crises in this area have been neglected. Cultural crisis as the basis of other crises is a topic that should be considered more than once, and without a systemic view of organizing architects, economists, sociologists and politicians, this crisis can not be overcome. Research method: library and analytical Results: The present study, based on a systematic approach in the cultural, social, economic, and political spheres, and by comparing three fundamental methods, spectrum and survival management in crisis management, introduced the method of research in architectural crises of a fundamental type and identified the above crises In the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution in the domain of housing, which is rooted in the paradigm of Western individualism. Conclusion: The macroeconomic attitude in the field of crisis management in architecture and urbanism is one of the issues that should be addressed. as long as the thought of the verdict as the spirit of the system in creating the structure between the components of the system (architects, economists, politicians and sociologists ); The function of the architecture system and the urbanization of the product would be dumb and useless.
Keyword(s): crisis management,systemic attitude,architecture,fundamental method
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