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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN DESIGN   spring-summer 2017 , Volume 5 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 29 To 46.

Sustainable Place-Making Strategies of Urban Rivers by Hierarchy-Strategy Approach (Case Study: The Urban Zone of Qara-Sou River Within Kermanshah City)

Author(s):  ketabollahi kasra, salehi sara, Alimardani Masoud
Nowadays waterfronts are considered as one of the most important spaces in improving spatial qualities of cities. Attention to environmental sustainability of urban design of waterfronts, will result in a fairly comprehensive approach to all aspects. The present study tries to extract qualities by reviewing literature on sustainable place-making, measure and evaluate them in the Qara-sou River. The main object is to achieve sustainable place-making strategies to improve the quality of rivers in urban areas. Because of the inappropriate status of surrounding area around the the Qara-sou River, the existence of possible potentials and the lack of a coherent plan for its sustainable revival, required research to be carried out. The research data are qualitative-quantitative. The environmental qualitative analysis of the case study done using the SWOT matrix. To determine the reliability and validity of research and prioritization of SWOT criteria, a questionnaire based on Cochran formula with a sample size of 100 person by using randomized method, with the possibility of People's accountability, with specified time and age was distributed. Analysis of data from the combination of SWOT and hierarchical process analysis, with help of the Expert Choice software, is calculated. The results show that among the SWOT factors, the weaknesses have the highest weight in the sustainable place-making of the case and in Categories of factors; And in categorizing factors in the form of factors of quality of environmental sustainability, functional one has the first priority; and Finally, sustainable place-making strategies of Rivers are presented.
Keyword(s): Sustainability Qualities,Sustainable Place-Making,Water Front,SWOT-AHP,Qara-Sou River
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