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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL OF TERRITORY   fall 2017 , Volume 14 , Number 55 ; Page(s) 135 To 148.

Analysis of factors related tissue regeneration Urban Area 20 District 17 of Tehran Case Study

Author(s):  NASIRI HENDE KHALE ESMAEEL*, Salariniya Marziye
The key factors affecting the participation of citizens in the Pearson correlation coefficient was used to reproduce damaged. Because the amount of 000/0 = sig, as well as an R2 as well as 72/0 and 67/0 percent indicate that linear regression variables. Therefore, the amount of community involvement in regeneration also would be more people. Increase community involvement will facilitate the process of urban renewal, can be damaged due to the Spearman correlation coefficient value of 000/0 = sig significant positive correlation between the two variables is confirmed. Factors affecting second hypothesis space to recreate damaged knew In this regard, statistical analysis of variance difference in quality of life before and after recreating damaged significant difference in the before and after recreating the show. As the physical dimensions with the highest sum of squares 2/4923 after recreating the show. Multivariate regression analysis showed that the two independent variables and the dependent variable is linearly related to the participation of households in the renewal plan. (sig <0/05) as well as the significance of regression and analysis of variance is a linear relationship between the variables shows. According to this study should be noted that the findings of the questionnaire on the main variables in recreating Urban damaged more than average assessed. Field data show that the rate of interest is 1. 89% of households in relation to collective partnerships. The results show that factors believed to contribute to the awareness of the project with 8/20 and 83/40 6DOF and 000/0 = sig greatest impact on the variables involved in regeneration projects has been damaged. So that by increasing the awareness of citizens and timely notification of the project, given the increased satisfaction and the ability of citizens to participate increases. The results of this research show that the socio-spatial level of effective participation of the people in the old urban tissue regeneration schemes, there is a significant relationship.
Keyword(s): Urban Regeneration,The Old Context,Participation,Social Variables,Spatial Variable
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