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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL OF TERRITORY   fall 2017 , Volume 14 , Number 55 #b00501; Page(s) 113 To 133.

Green Roof An effective solution to reduce the pollution of buildings in the city

Author(s):  Neishabouri Amravi Mehri*, GHOBADIAN VAHID
* Oxford Azad University, tehran
Increasing the pollution of the place, especially the impact of buildings on human beings, has led to finding solutions that reduce pollution in the environment. The extent and importance of the issue of pollution in the environment makes it more urgent to address these guidelines. It illustrates the solutions that operate on the basis of various approaches to the object and purpose of controlling the pollution of buildings. Reducing contamination, carbon dioxide emissions, carbon sequestration, increasing the life span of the roof, reducing waste production using the bottom soil as a small landfill for waste with a very low amount, increasing water quality by drainage of sewage, and creating an insulation against noise pollution. To achieve this goal, because of the high density in cities and the lack of space for the expansion of green space, green roofs are much more effective. To justify what our horizons are in the design and use of green roofs to control contaminations such as carbon dioxide and the use of optimal water recycling systems, there are instructions and definitions that can be found in the set of recommendations and in the expression And it is standardized in design.
Keyword(s): green roof,leed.bream,air pollution reduction,sustainable Architecture
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