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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL OF TERRITORY   fall 2017 , Volume 14 , Number 55 ; Page(s) 37 To 57.

The Evaluation of soil erosion and sediment yield in Namdan basin using MPSIAC and GIS Model

* Geomorpholog Department, Larestan Azad University Larestan, Iran
The Flat and low slope morphology of Namdan and its margin springs have made Shadkam River less accessible in the middle parts. Thus the agricultural development in this area is difficult. Namdan has a deep alluvial sedimentary basin and the thickness of sediments is predicted about 100 meters. Soil is an important natural resources and its erosion causes the serious vulnerability in social and economic development as well as environmental hazards. In this article, the quality of sedimentation in Namdan basin has been evaluated using GIS and MPSIAC model. The first goal of this study is the Zonation of sedimentation in terms of sediment production in studied area and the second is to calculate the quality of sedimentation (QS), total sediment production and their classifieds in the basin. The results of basin zonation are classified in high, medium, and low erosion class. Also, the zonation with high sedimentation from North West to South East of the basin in Shadkam River, where type of lithology and land cover are rivers and waterways, alluvial deposits, silty clay, sand and rubber, is seen.
Keyword(s): MPSIAC model,quality of sedimentation,GIS,Namdan basin
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