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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL OF TERRITORY   fall 2017 , Volume 14 , Number 55 #b00501; Page(s) 17 To 36.

Terrain feature Extraction from OLI sensor images

Author(s):  Assadpour Ahmad Ali*
* Department of Economic Sciences, Bandar Abbas Azad University, Bandar Abbas, Iran
Economic growth is considered as a major component of economic development. Besides trade Globalization with the countries joining the global economy over time Issue is that different countries are considered by economists. Therefore, this study examines the factors affecting economic growth, including trade Globalization can be addressed. For the purpose of statistical time series and by the year 1360 to 1393 and using Auto Regressive Distributed Lag Method (ARDL) was used. Also check the causality relationship between trade Globalization and economic growth in the long term and short term error correction model was used to test causality. Results from this study showed positive and significant impact variables, the natural logarithm of total investment, Natural logarithm of the total number of labor and trade Globalization on growth rate economy in the short term and long term. The Wald test on coefficients using error correction model, this result was achieved always in the short term and long-term causality of trade Globalization to economic growth.
Keyword(s): Economic growth rate,Trade Globalization,(ARDL),Causality error correction,Iran
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