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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN DESIGN   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 6 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 39 To 60.

Phenomenological study of the concept of identity in historical textures by location components in the design of new urban textures (Case study: Saghari Sazan neighborhood of Rasht)

Author(s):  Alidoost Reyhane Sadat, karimi azeri amir reza, Parvizi reza
New textures are not designed with regard to the identity of historical textures and this issue reveals the importance of paying attention to the promotion of identity in new textures, because scarcity or lack of this quality leads to the lack of human communication with the environment and the formation of an environment without meaning and association. Following the extraction of identity components from valid sources and field observation, the present article seeks to prioritize these components in identifying SaghariSazan as an old texture in Rasht. By so doing one can take steps to identify new spaces. Also, with regard to the fact that place identity is composed of an objective dimension and a mental dimension, the author was asked to consider, in the light of previous studies, the magnitude of the effect of each of the components of the mental or the objective of the identity of this texture. The research method is analytical-interpretive and has been done through field survey in a case study. In the first step, the components of the identity of the site were extracted from reliable sources and were extracted from the questionnaire. The data were analyzed through exploratory factor analysis. The variables were categorized in eleven factors explaining location identities. Then, with prioritizing identity based on the linear regression analysis, architectural solutions were proposed to enhance the identity of the premises in new spaces. Also, unlike previous studies, it was found that objective criteria were more effective in the identity of the studied tissue than the mental criteria. Finally, a conceptual model of the components obtained from the research was presented.
Keyword(s): Identity,Place Identity,Historical Context,Phenomenology
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