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Journal:   MAJLIS & RAHBORD   SPRING 2019 , Volume 26 , Number 97 ; Page(s) 5 To 38.

Explaining Socio-economic Stability in Small Cities with Sustainable Development Approach (Case study: Small cities of northern Iran)

Author(s):  BARZEGAR SADEGH, bakhshi amir, heydari mohamad taghi
Today, considering the characteristics of urbanization and the necessity of sustainable development, the analysis of the sustainability of cities in the country to achieve sustainable development is key. In this regard, due to the lack of proper study of the sustainability of small towns in the northern part of the country, This research is based on the idea that the socio-economic sustainability of small towns in the northern region is formed. Sustainability barometric model and stability radar model were used to assess the stability. In this regard, 38 variables in the form of social and economic indicators were selected and selected through a survey of scientific experts. The statistical population of this research includes small towns of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces with a population of between ten and fifty thousand people. Selection of urban households was done by systematic random sampling and selection of sample cities by random cluster sampling, which has been selected in 12 cities. The results show that the average score of socio-economic sustainability components of small cities in northern Iran is in poor condition. The most instability related to the components of economic stability and quality of life was worth 0. 383 and 0. 382, respectively. The results show the difference and distance between socioeconomic sustainability indicators of the northern cities of the north of the country with its standard level, which shows a serious crisis in terms of having development levels in the cities of the small towns of the north of the country. Therefore, in policy making to stabilize socio-economic dimensions, it is necessary to pay attention to factors that increase the quality of life and economic well-being in these cities.
Keyword(s): Sustainable development,Social sustainability,Economic sustainability,Small cities,North of country (IRI)
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