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Journal:   MAJLIS & RAHBORD   SPRING 2019 , Volume 26 , Number 97 ; Page(s) 227 To 250.

Religious paradigm (Islamic) Explanation for Natural Resources Preservation Education

Author(s):  ghasemi aliasghar, shavali mansour
Natural resources destruction is rooted in modern man’ paradigm. This happened because of technology intensive use as well as ignorance of traditions; however, these two led to environmental crisis. To resolve this problem, the mankind must change his behavior morally according to a Religious paradigm (Islamic). In this study, Two methods were used: the document review method was to study natural resources preservation education literatures. The explanation method was used to explane why we need a Religious paradigm (Islamic) for preservation of natural resources education. The outcomes of this study are explaning ontology, epistemology, methodology, anthropology and axiology of Religious paradigm (Islamic) for preservation of natural resources education. Although the various ways are recommended to prevent crises in natural resources context however, natural resources researchers and planners believe that relying only on technical advices is not essentially applicable. Because these crises represent a human tragedy: ignorance of God Who is creator of the universe. For this reason a Religious paradigm based on "Analytical/scientific knowledge", "Metaphysical Knowledge" and "Religious/ethical Knowledge" is essential. This paradiagm can be used by planners and officials for preservation of natural resources education.
Keyword(s): Religious paradigm (Islamic),Preservation of Natural Resources Education,Islam
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