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Journal:   MAJLIS & RAHBORD   SPRING 2019 , Volume 26 , Number 97 ; Page(s) 409 To 444.

The strategy model of policy-making for internal security of the islamic republic of Iran

Security, as one of the main duties of governments, requires policy-making in this area. In this regard, modeling is one of the techniques to facilitate the understanding and implementation of the policy process which help the authorities. This article aims to design a desirable policy model in the field of internal security in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The purpose of internal security is to create a satisfactory atmosphere of security feeling among the community, which results in a reduction of the gap between the demands of the people and what they have in hands. Given that people play a pivotal role in security issues, people satisfaction is considered as an important indicator for measuring its internal security. . Policy performing is next step, which Etzioni pyramid model (EVL) was designed to make and increase the satisfaction and then the internal security as the sufficient model. In this model, the implementation of domestic security policies is largely in line with the values and norms of the people, and there is little use of force, coercion and fear. In the meantime, a modest amount of remuneration is also considered. After policy implementation, it is time to evaluate the policy introduced by the Hirschman Triple Model (E. V. L). According to this model, implementation of policy has been a good thing if it would lead to loyal people or caused the protesters transformed to the loyal person . Otherwise, it would be undesirable to act if the people were opposed to the regime (exit option) or the protesters turned into opponents of the system. The evaluation results will lead to the adoption of one of the options for termination, modification (modification) or stop (major changes) in the policy
Keyword(s): Policy making,Internal Security,Security Policy,Model,Satisfaction
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