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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL OF TERRITORY   spring 2018 , Volume 15 , Number 57 ; Page(s) 123 To 141.

Determining satisfaction with the quality of life in Urban Distressed Areas and Evaluating its relationship with social trust (Case Study of Jajyn Neighborhood Ardabil)

* university of Tabriz, Iran
Quality of life of people and places depends on various factors that should be recognized, Why the lack of identification of factors affecting the quality of life of people in various spheres of individual life satisfaction decreases And productive human resources community and over time loses its power. Therefore, this research approach is Descriptive-analysis follows three major goals, the first goal is to determine the state of social trust in distressed areas Jajyn, The second objective survey of satisfaction with the quality of life in distressed areas Jajyn, And (iii) the relationship between social trust of citizens satisfied with the quality of life. First, a questionnaire that included items related to social trust and quality of life variables were developed, the validity and reliability of expert opinion through Cronbach's alpha coefficient was measured. Then through sampling (Cochran method) of 364 questionnaires were distributed to meet the assumptions of the research community to analyze the data collected from the questionnaires, statistical and graphical tools are used EXCEL, SPSS And statistical tests T, Friedman and Spearman rank. The results indicate that more people are living in the neighborhood with the description of the man, Ardabil and they are more job these people are employees. Among the items related to the quality of life for the greatest satisfaction about the quality of drinking water with an average 3/99 and in second place with an average of 3/94 is having a sense of belonging to the neighborhood. Most people also dissatisfaction about the quality of their housing units with an average of 2/58. The overall conclusion reflects the unfavorable situation at the district level of social trust, satisfaction, and ultimately the quality of life in the neighborhood there is meaningful relationship between social trust and quality of life in this neighborhood.
Keyword(s): Social trust,Quality of Life,Distressed texture,Jajyn Neighborhood Ardabil
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