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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT   summer 2016 , Volume 10 , Number 31 #m00570; Page(s) 37 To 48.

The Effect of Advertising Gifts on Consumer's Overall Evaluation (Case Study: Isfahan Irancell's Consumers)

Author(s):  Mortezazadeh Afshin, NAYEBZADEH SHAHNAZ*, Sadeghiyan Abolfazl
* Yazd Azad University, Yazd, Iran
One of the new method of marketing is advertising gifts, that organizations get these gifts to their employees and customers. The purpose of this study is investigating a conceptual model on the impact of Gift promotions on consumer's overall evaluation which study's model is formed by Gift nature, Product nature and perceived fit as independent variables and consumer's overall evaluation as dependent variables. Current methodology is applicable from purpose point of view and causal study in terms of methodology. Required data is collected using questionnaire and field method. Sample of this study consists of Isfahan Irancell's (MTN) consumers which are selected through simple random sampling resulted in 159 collected acceptable samples. data analysis was carried out by SPSS and LISREL software and the result showed that there is Significant relationship between product nature and consumer's overall evaluation also gift promotion nature has a direct impact on the consumer's overall evaluation but perceived fit between gift promotion and product did not have any effect on consumer's overall evaluation.
Keyword(s): Consumer's overall evaluation,Gift nature,Product nature,Perceived fit,Advertising Gift
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