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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT   summer 2016 , Volume 10 , Number 31 ; Page(s) 1 To 16.

Investigation of the Moderator Effect of Perceived Risk and Knowledge in the Satisfaction-Purchase Intention Relationship in a New Product Experiment

Author(s):  HEIDARZADEH KAMBIZ, Varamini Masoumeh*
* Club of Young and Elite Researchers, Babol Azad University, Babol, Iran
The purpose of this paper is the investigation of the moderator effect of perceived certainty and risk, and the customer’ s knowledge of the product, in the satisfaction-purchase intention relationship in a new product experiment. By using an experimental method with a 2× 2 factor design (where each of the variables such as customer’ s knowledge of the product and the perceived risk of the product define in the two level, up/down and high/ low) on 200 customers of stores in Amol city has been taken. By using questionnaires, required data is collected. The reliability of the questionnaire was proved through Cronbach alpha and the validity of the questionnaire was proved by tutors of this research. We use linear and multiple regression methods to test hypotheses. Generally the Statistics results show that the variable of customer satisfaction (as independent variable) has a Positive effect on purchase intention and also on the moderator effect of perceived risk and the lack of moderator effect of knowledge perceived in the satisfaction-purchase intention relationship.
Keyword(s): Customer Knowledge,Perceived Risk,Customer Satisfaction,Purchase Intention,New Product
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