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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL OF TERRITORY   spring 2018 , Volume 15 , Number 57 ; Page(s) 69 To 87.

Architecture Follows Nature (Biomimicry, an Approach, for Energy Effecient Building Skin Design)

Author(s):  Kheradmand Saba*, SATTARI SARBANGHOLI HASSAN
* Department of Architecture, Tabriz Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
Since 1970, a major problem worldwide is energy shortage along with the high consumption of energy in buildings. Architects are attempting to find solutions for managing buildings energy consumption. One innovative approach is Biomimicry. A subcategory of biomimicry is building skin which forms the entire exterior of the building. It is the boundary through which the buildings interaction with the environment occurs. Proper management of the building skin can significantly reduce the building's energy demand. The main objective of this paper is to investigate the ability of reducing energy consumption by applying the biomimicry approach on buildings skin design. In order To achieve this aim, a research methodology has been designed to accomplish four objectives. First, it will carry out an in depth research on biomimicry, skin, and biomimicry in building skin through the study of existing literature. Second, international case studies will be presented and analyzed in terms of usage of biomimicry, in addition to, the impact it had on reducing the buildings energy consumption. Finally it will conclude with guidelines for building skin biomimicry design for more efficient energy consumption in buildings.
Keyword(s): Biomimicry,building skin,energy efficiency,architecture,investigation
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